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Spirit Pony Projects    Special Donors
Spirit Pony Summer Project
Everyone knows Cheyennes and horses go hand in hand, so imagine giving kids the opportunity to go pony camp amidst the beauty and freedom of traditional tribal land, far from the socio-economic challenges of reservation-living. Now there's a plan!
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Cheyenne children need a library
We have the bulding, we have the books, we just need the funding to create the job of librarian so the Cheyenne kids have access to books and language in a fun environment of curiosity and learning.
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Cheyenne children need seasonal clothing
For many people who have never experienced a real Montanan winter, it is hard to imagine our brutal weather conditions. Please take a look at our wishlist and see if there is anything you can donate or a way you might fundraise for our children
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Morning Star Donors
Each of our five Activity Projects costs approx  $2000 to fund. Please consider becoming a Morning Star Donor to underwrite one of these yearly endeavors, either as an individual or perhaps have your organisation, school company, or church get involved

Nâhahévo'ha Donors (Mustang Donors)
In most tribal cultures, the Giveaway is the way of life - yes, giving is better than receiving, but in a pragmatic sense, when everyone is giving, everyone is also receiving and therefore everyone has what they need. Not many people are in a position to become a Nâhahévo'ha  Donor and take responsibility for funding a Spirit Pony Summer Camp, but even in this economic climate outstanding generosity still thrives and we honor those able to help our Cheyenne children experience their traditional horse culture.

All donations are important to us
If you are unable to donate yourself, are you able to fundraise? Do you have skills that could assist the Cheyenne Children Services to help the kids? Please be in touch with us.

Cheyenne children can do anything
They just need a hand

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Go Native America donated new coats
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