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About Reservation Poverty
See the correct answers in blue, but just check out the other numbers!

What is the average median household income on the
Northern Cheyenne Reservation

$4970 is the average per capita income per year on the reservation.
$2814 is your total assistance if you get welfare and food stamps - and that's it for the whole year.
$10,000 is about the income two parent families may achieve if they are able to get seasonal work on the summer.
$28,500 is the average US per capita household income
$14,417 is the average median household income per reservation family
$40,800 is the average US median household income

NOTE! Rural living means the cost of gas, groceries etc is much higher

What is the average rate of unemployment on the reservation
11.3% is the national rate of people estimated to be living below the poverty line
22% is the number of Cheyennes who have work but remain beneath the national poverty threshold of $9214
78% is the Northern Cheyenne Reservation's unemployment figure
87% is the total of people on the reservation who live beneath the poverty line.

NOTE! The national unemployment rate is 6%

What percentage of the population are kids between 0-18 yrs on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation?
3.1% is the number of people over the age of 65
34% is people between 19 and 34 years old
63% is the number of people aged between  0-18 yrs on the reservation
57 is the average life expectancy on the reservation

NOTE!  The average life expectancy in Bangladesh is 62,
  The average life expectancy in Cambodia is 61,
  The average life expectancy in the US is 78


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