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Our Projects

Each year CCS runs five projects

  • Literary Enhancement
  • Environmental Outreach Spring Planting
  The children will be planting trees and a garden in April and May
  • Health Awareness when health products and information are distributed happens in June and July.
  • School Supplies Issue happens in August through September
  • The Christmas Gift distribution is the time which the kids look forward to most of course. It gives you perspective to realise that for some of the children, this is the only gift they will receive at Christmas.

Each desperately needed project takes approximately $2,000 in funding. Sometimes the CCS receives grants and gifts from other charitable entities, but we need your help in expanding these programs.

Northern Cheyenne children can meet any challenge you throw at them - they just need the tools and the opportunity.
   Each of our five Activity Projects costs approximately  $2000 to fund.

   Please consider becoming a Morning Star Donor to underwrite one
   of these yearly projects either as an individual or perhaps
    have your organisation, school company, or church get involved

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