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Our Dream - A Library

CCS plans to open and operate a library for the Northern Cheyenne children and their families. Of course, good literary skills are essential to good education and the kids on the Northern Cheyenne reservation need both materials and encouragement to get going.

We have the building. The Pierry family of Bozeman, MT donated a building to house the library eight years ago, and although two years later vandalism caused a bad fire, with volunteer help we have renovated..

We have enough books to get started. We have shelves stocked with children’s books, many with Native American themes, and we are working to make available a selection of modern literature for elementary, young youth and parents
(Of course we’d be happy to accept donations of quality new books.)

We don’t have necessary funds to pay a librarian's wage to look after this new facility for Cheyenne Children. We need someone dedicated, reliable and we need to fund a fair living wage for the special person who will take on this newly created job (enabling them to take care of their family).

Ultimately this venture will provide a safe, fun, haven for learning, literary enhancement, and maybe even summer literacy programs.

Northern Cheyenne children can meet any challenge you throw
at them - they just need the tools and the opportunity.

Serving  Northern Cheyenne Children 
on the reservation since 1989
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