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Become an Advocate for Northern Cheyenne Children

Advocates are sponsors who use their time and voice to encourage their friends, family and community to help change the lives of impoverished children from the Northern Cheyenne reservation

Lend your voice to help the many Northern Cheyenne children living in poverty.

Are you a person who can inspire friends and family to join the fight to help end child poverty on the reservation? Are you interested in bringing change and hope to the lives of many impoverished children?

Become an CCS Advocate and you can:
Create a community of like-minded people
Foster networks to benefit more Northern Cheyenne children
Help raise funds for campaigns
Find more sponsors for needy children 

Become an Speaker Advocate and you can:
Download a speech script, poster, sponsorship brochure and/or PowerPoint presentation to explain about Cheyenne Children Services to your social, religious or professional organization

Serving  Northern Cheyenne Children 
on the reservation since 1989
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