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About Us                     Florence Running Wolf
In The Land of the Morning Star People,
the Northern Cheyenne children need YOUR help

Cheyenne Children Services is an IRS 501 (c)(3) designated non-profit organization working since 1989 to offer encouragement, to provide educational materials, and to support the health of the children from low-income families on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

We have three main priorities:
  • A sponsorship program
  • Our Library initiative
  • Fund-raising to expand Cheyenne Children Service activities

Our work is supported by donations, sponsorship fees and occasional corporate gifts or grants. In turn CCS currently supports five hundred and forty-one children from the three hundred and twenty-nine families that are enrolled.

In addition to the five annual programs we run, we are delighted to have provided playgrounds in four districts of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation; Ashland, Busby, Birney and two in Lame Deer - the largest reservation community. This was accomplished with help from the Vision Volunteer Youth Group, Newport, VA.

The founder and director of the Cheyenne Children Services is Florence Running Wolf - a tireless worker for the cause of Cheyenne children. Florence is supported by a large traditional family who share her understanding that the future of the Cheyenne Nation lies with it's children.
Florence needs help to continue the work  she began in 1987 for CCS.
Florence Running Wolf
Sometimes funding is available to pay an assistant for Florence, but usually she is on her own in the office, aided by family members on special occasions like the Christmas Gift Giveaway.

We are desperate to find regular funding in order for Florence to have help in the CCS office and also to enable the appointment of someone to run the library for the Cheyenne children. We have the building, we have the books, but we need to  fund a librarian.
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